Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pack 1


Get ahead of the curve here in the UK with our coronavirus pack 1.



This pack has been specifically designed for prevention and symptoms of the coronavirus and will help sheild the body from not only the coronavirus but other illnesses aswell.

Here is a break down of each bottle:

1. Bottle A has Influenz,Dipth,Oscillo,Bacill 200 c. This primes immune system. Follow instructions on card.

2. Bottle B Arn,Baptisia,Ars alb,Hep sulph Nat sulph Ant tart 30 c . This treats and minimises lung impact by supporting the organ.

3. Bottle C Acon,Ars alb Gels 200c This prepares immune system for Flu virus attack,

4. Bottle D Chelidonium/ lobelia 1x Q this helps liver support also prevents multiplication of viruses in liver to prevent spread into systemic also supports lungs for eliminating phlegm and catarrh.

5. Anti Viral. This is H2o2 /colloidalsilver/Sodium Chlorite a very safe and potent remedy this works by preventing the viruses bio film ie protection around it to be removed allowing the immune system to deal with them in normal way. Taken in drops daily twice daily prevents virus taking hold and during illness every hour minimises ability of virus to replicate.

6. Bottle F For Fever Acon,bell,chamo,chin sulph,eup per,ferr phos,inf ,bacill,Spanish inf,Virus b,malaria off,Meningocci,Nat mur,Nat sulph, Thuja, Corronviridae. This is a strong safe Very Effective esp in children and adults can be repeated hourly if severe temeratures.This can be relied heavily upon has helped many thousands recover from severe illness.


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