Feron X is our latest product to safeguard and super boost the immune system

The human body’s innate immune system is a buoyant system for Immune heath.

It’s main complex system is sustainable by the appearance of two interferon pathways which act as the main gateway to the innate immune system. This immune system fights off infection and viruses, it also keeps harboured viruses in the body suppressed, those can live dormant in many people such as Lyme, Herpes zoster and epstein barr viruses. Toxins can enter the body and cause a burden on the system. It can alter the genetics and cause expression of genes which cause the interferon pathway to close down and become dysfunctional.

Then the innate immune system is unable to fight off disease. Inflammation in the body increases and the expression of genes causes the downregulation of cancer fighting enzymes/genes to be downregulated therefore keeping the interferon pathways open and working. This is a key part in immune heath, without this disease, infection, and cancer can set interferon pathways.

If the interferon pathways are blocked or damaged, immunity becomes suppressed and cellular health declines rapidly.

The homoeopathic remedies we all recommend work on the bodies. CBDI and CBD2 receptor sites which are a part of the immune system or which can re-open the interferon pathways. Interferon A helps also to keep the pathways open and working effectively so that the innate immune system can function correctly. This is used alongside a homoeopathic format.


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