Fivephos 6x




A general tonic used in day to day life by many. It is used for people who are exhausted by a lot of mental work, physical work and generalized weakness comes on. It is a combination of phosphates with Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium. It gives strength at Nervous, physical, and general body level giving energy. It works in all age groups.

Uses of Fivephos 6x

  • Recovery from Chronic exhaustive diseases.
  • Helps to relieve stress, Improve memory and efficient functioning of the body.
  • Helps to keep the person tired free all day. It gives a fresh feeling and desire to work with full energy.
  • For all Women bearing frequent children and which causes anemia (low Hb ) problems.
  • Helps to increase Hb in feeding mothers, gives energy and tones body.

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